Visitor or experiencer? 🚶🏻‍♀️

When you travel to an unknown destination would you rather search the most famous places to visit around that location or just wander in the street? I’m sure more than 90% will visit the most famous places. Say you travel to Bali, you might definitely travel to Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, Kuta Beach, The Nusa Islands and Mount Batur (if it’s not about to erupt).

Pura ulun danu bratan

But…. just think, if you travel to the top 10 places would you be able to grace the true culture, human myths, beliefs, unique food of that destination? Well one might argue those places has become “must see” places since they are full of culture, well it might be true.. If you go to Tanah Lot you can see it is surrounded by Bali culture but Bali has a lot more to offer than that.

In my point of view there are two types of travelers. Travelers who “see” the beauty of places and travelers who “watch” the beauty of places. If you see the beauty you might only see the tourist highlights of that location, but if you watch you will get to see the hidden beauty, the secrets that only locals know and which don’t appear on brochures.

Ubud Monkey Forest

But it all depend on what your objective is. If you want to be a typical tourist who want to visit the iconic places of a particular country or if you want to embrace what the country is about. We all have different objectives when it comes to traveling. For some of us it is all about the comfort while for some of us it is all about taking photographs and for some of us it all about traveling no matter how hard its is to reach how long we have to walk or how much it cost.

Try to find about yourself while traveling.. 🌍

Handara golf & resort bali

Sometimes we find about ourselves while traveling. For me the virtue of travel is that it exposes you to other cultures, people and ways of life. It helps develop a global mindset, it puts things into perspective. It makes you interesting. It can make you think you are beyond the norms your peers have fallen beholden to. But for another person it might be different. Traveling is a very personalized experience. Two people can travel to the same destination and have totally different experiences.

Travel certainly adds value to your life in that it offers you experience. Unique experience. Experience that could very well shift the way that you see the world and your place within it. Experience that could very well tell you something about customs and norms and how you’d prefer to live. . Maybe you’ll come home with some of the habits and language you learned. Maybe you’ll have an interaction that impacts you forever. Maybe you stuff a few souvenirs into a suitcase and call it a day.

Eat like a local.. 🍝

Whenever you travel to unknown destinations you are very concern about the food because you don’t need to ruin your plans because of food. So we either stick to our usual meals or we will go with the most famous food in that particular country. But why do we have to travel thousands of miles to taste the same food that we taste at home?

From what I have seen, there are two types of travelers. The ones who goes to “touristy” restaurants and the ones who go and eat with the locals. What do you think is the best? We have all seen them — restaurants that claim to be authentic, but really only cater to the palettes of tourists. The food, while good, is never the same as if you went to a real restaurant that locals flock to. One good rule of thumb while traveling is to follow the locals. Go sit with the locals and enjoy their food. Better yet ask from them what they think are the best dishes. While there will definitely be instances where the food is just not what you wanted, isn’t it better that you at least tried it instead of having your usual meal?

And finally… 🗺

As of what I think we are not immortal souls, we must enjoy our life in this limited time we have. So no matter what, if traveling makes you happy you must do it and it’s your responsibility to add new experiences to your life and make it a memorable journey. How you do it, or when you do it does not matter. You may be a visitor.. you may be a experiencer.. So what? As long as you have your experiences and as long as you enjoy your journey that all what matters. 🤘🏻




Senior Software Engineer | Tech enthusiastic | IoT

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Sasanka Kudagoda

Sasanka Kudagoda

Senior Software Engineer | Tech enthusiastic | IoT

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